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The Philosophy
  • HIVE is a living, inhabitable work of art and architecture that will be created from hundreds of repurposed steel shipping containers.

  • HIVE is a sustainable village providing everything needed for a quality of life experience: a beautiful, stable, financially attainable, walkable place to work and live that demands the least of personal and collective resources and promotes the most environmentally responsible practices.

  • HIVE will promote a meritocratic agenda and application process to a cross section of people from all walks of life.

  • HIVE will seek to establish the good life without the encumbrances and needlessly harsh climate of competitive consensus-minded consumerism geared to profit at all costs.

  • HIVE will assist in developing and testing new energy-efficient technologies and practices, and these efforts will be ongoing as new technologies emerge.

  • HIVE aims to establish a dynamic community within an infrastructure and balanced demographic which reflects the diverse identity of Houston.

  • HIVE will democratize the arts and increase the cultural capital of Houston.

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