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Exquisite Corpse - ExCo

Project FAQs


What is ExCo Putt Putt?

Inspired by a childhood game of Exquisite Corpse - ExCo Putt-Putt is an artist-designed take on miniature golf!

Each artist or team makes their own hole adjacent to the next person's spot, like in a game of Exquisite Corpse. It will be a complete surprise how it turns out, and the ball will travel through everyone's creations connecting the parts into one cohesive, collaborative work of art.


How can I participate as an artist?

Please indicate your interest by comleting the Artist RSVP form HERE.


Is there an artist fee and/or honnorarium?

The whole event is an artistic "for fun" DIY effort. No honorarium, no fee.

What is the setting for ExCo Putt-Putt?

ExCo Putt-Putt will occupy a one acre reclaimed EPA site outside of North East Downtown, next to the railroad tracks and a metal recycling yard with a splendid view of downtown. The site is currently in its "virgin" wild form, so come dressed sensibly for working in an uneven terrain.

Where can I source materials for my installation?

Please reach out to Keith Koski with Reuse Houston for some recycled/repurposed material supplies. You are obviously welcome to procure your own.

When is ExCo Putt Putt scheduled to open to the public?

Organizers are targeting Q2 of 2022 as the opening time.

What COVID precautions are being taken?

The putting course is build entirely outdoors and a minimum distance of 6ft is planned between individual putting holes. Artists and visitors and encouraged to wear masks to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience by all concerned. 

Letter from Nestor Topchy


As our city's artists are constantly driven from prime real estate via gentrification, the plans for HIVE district are to counter this reality as a last stand of sorts inside the Houston 610 Loop. HIVE district, a model still in its infancy, is and will remain artist-owned, run, and populated, with studio, office, congregation, and performance spaces built out from recycled and refurbished shipping containers and more. This bit of property is currently expanding and will be a true neighborhood where artists will not only be able to afford to inhabit, but will within this district thrive.

Our current project for one section of the property is "Exquisite Corpse Putt-Putt", an artist-designed take on miniature golf. Its projected completion date is end of Q2 2022.


What is Exquisite Corpse?

In this current iteration we've begun planning a situational event, something of an approach to thriving, in a fun and beautiful way, the new plague reality and dealing with negativity, without avoiding it, by creating a huge putt-putt golf course on an old EPA cleaned up Brownfield site  next to a scrap yard with a great view of downtown. We're inviting artists and all kinds of creative-minded people to join us in a transformative celebration where DIY philosophy and junk conspire to create prosperity.


How can we do this?

Each artist or small team makes their own hole adjacent to the next person's spot. like a game of exquisite corpse, or exquisite course.  It's a surprise how it turns out, and the ball travels through everyone's art connecting the parts into one cohesive, collaborative work of art. A few dozen creative individuals will share resources, including design, materials, and labor. This can become a model for everything good and true that can happen in our community.


This space will empower both old and new generations of creative people in Houston. Because we are casting our net wide and encouraging participation from many groups, there will be something for everyone. I'm basically lighting the fuse and inviting all of you to come together around this opportunity to play here, buy land for yourselves, and help form a team to establish deed restrictions and forward-thinking sustainable practices.


Nestor Topchy
Co-founder, HIVE Houston

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